Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eczema Home Treatment For Atopic Dermatitis

Eczema comes in various forms and atopic dermatitis is one of them. Eczema home treatments for atopic dermatitis are plentiful and varied. The characteristics of atopic dermatitis are itchy, flaking skin which is usually focused on creases and flexural surfaces of joints. The skin can also be red and swollen which can be oozing sue to cracking of the skin. Many of the eczema home treatment methods focus on applications directly on the skin.

Causes Of Atopic Dermatitis

While the exact cause of this skin condition has several possibilities, there are factors that do aggravate the skin enough to trigger bouts of eczema, which require some form of eczema home treatment. Allergies are among the foremost contributors to eczema and its symptoms while the environment also play a role. A weakened immune system can also put an individual in a vulnerable position.

While this saying is true, eczema is difficult to cure in a person. One of the most recommended eczema home treatment methods is to keep one's skin moisturized. This is probably one of the best eczema treatment suggestions for many people who suffer from this skin condition. Well moisturized skin will have little chance of breaking up or cracking due to the cool, dry weather.

Treating Eczema At Home

An oatmeal bath is a good way to soothe and control the general itchiness of the skin. This eczema home treatment is best done by bathing in a mixture of well ground oatmeal and water. Oatmeal has properties that can soothe irritated, swollen skin. Staying in the bath with the oatmeal eczema home treatment for at least ten to twenty minutes works well in controlling the skin condition.

Another eczema home treatment or remedy is the avoid using soaps and other skin products that have the potential to dry the skin. Dry skin is a basis for eczema flare ups and this can be avoided by changing regular soaps and other cosmetics that can dry the skin. This eczema home treatment is also a form of prevention of the skin condition. Even shampoos and conditioners can be potentially drying for the scalp if the skin reacts to it adversely.

The application of virgin coconut oil is also another eczema home treatment that ahs passed muster. Not only does virgin coconut oil moisturize the skin but is also has antibacterial properties as well as antiseptic properties that help to reduce the possibilities of bacterial attacks via broken or cracking skin.

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