Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Eczema – Early Warning Signs Of Allergies

When your baby got put into your arms the very first time, you did notice how wrinkled and if they were not cleaned off before hand they will still have this off white stuff all over them in their creases of the skin. After you left the hospital you noticed that you baby’s skin did not seem so crease free from the birth. You took your baby to the doctor and your doctor enlightened you that your child has baby eczema.

How Does It Happen?

How does a baby get baby eczema? Well, it could have been a genetic transferal. Or depending on your system what you ate during pregnancy could have had an effect to get the baby eczema. However, baby eczema is treatable. Your snookums could even have an allergic reaction to medication that you may be taking while feeding, causing the baby eczema, so that is a possibility, but if you are not breastfeeding anymore, the choice of milk could be the eczema causes.

Allergies Can Be Grown Out Of

Since eczema is an allergy, it can usually be grown out of, but for an infant so tiny that still requires copious amounts of milk, a soy milk brand will be recommended for future use. If the soy milk also causes baby eczema, goat’s milk would be the next option that you could still purchase off the shelf. However, if all else fails on the shop shelf, and if you have medical aid coverage, there is help there for extreme formulations for milk to get for free for the time you baby requires it.

xtreme Measures

Besides changing the milk there are other forms of external medication and creams to use for baby eczema treatment. Since petroleum is not used in these creams, as they do not penetrate the skin, other gentle ingredients such as aloe are used to alleviate the itchiness and dry skin. If the problem is severe, creams containing cortisone may be prescribed until the problem dissipates, but it has its own side effects such as thinning of the skin over time, and also making the child look fatter than usual. Once the cortisone ointment for the baby eczema is discontinued you will see that the weight seems to disappear too over a bit of time.

Don’t be too surprised if you thought your child’s baby eczema was gone forever after the treatment and a short burst of great looking skin. The winter weather conditions could also flair it up again easily, but then again, it could also just come back later on in life when they are under stress too.

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