Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Eczema Treatment Gives Relief

There is relief for mothers who think there no baby eczema treatment that can be used on their tiny bundle of joy. The fears with using baby eczema treatment could very well be that the baby usually will have their hands and fingers regularly, especially if they are teething, that the ingredients may have a negative effect on their tummies.

Cortisone Is In Prescribed Creams

When you see the dermatologist to get your prescription for baby eczema treatment you would never have guessed that they would prescribe a high scheduled cream containing cortisone in for you tiny infant. Yes, they have to, as this heals from beneath the skin outward. But however you may prefer to find other options as baby eczema treatment. Before you even consider any baby eczema treatment, you would have explored all the other possibilities of having the eczema. If it was the milk formula you were using, it is advisable to change to a soya based formula to see if that helps.

Prevention Is Often The Most Walked Path

In the process for the preventative measures before sticking with continuous baby eczema treatment, the milk has been changed; the clothing needs to be washed separately with a very mild natural soap if possible. Don’t add any harsh products to the washing water, but if you do, rinse thoroughly several times, and try not to use other softeners which may also cause additional irritations.

If you find it is not the clothing and the washing detergents, by all means use some softener. However if it is neither of the above mentioned the other option would be the products used to keep baby clean. Johnson and Johnson or Elizabeth Anne’s, have the widest range of soft and gentle products to keep baby clean, and may not irritate the skin.

Don’t be too surprised to find after a while of treatment that you baby may have some form of baby acne eczema on their cheeks. This could also be due to the milk formula, toiletries and cleaning detergents for their clothing. However another reason for this could also just be sours. Yes, that would be what you are thinking, that bit of sour milk that is partially thrown up and sometimes regurgitated, which usually lands up on you, making you smell all sour too.

There is not much you can do about this with the exception of not shaking baby up too much after a feed, but is expected when you are trying to help them bring up winds. All you can do is keep babies chin and cheeks clean from milk and dribble.

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