Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Eczema Cure: Switch The Baby To Drinking Soy Milk Instead Of Cow Milk

A baby’s skin is especially delicate and so should not be exposed to prescription ointments or prescription creams though many parents continue applying such creams and ointments in a bid to resolve their baby’s eczema problem quickly. This can lead to needless suffering and should be avoided as much as possible. The truth of the fact is that these ointments and creams are loaded with chemicals that are harsh and potentially dangerous to the soft and delicate baby skin.

Immediate Relief

It is better to choose natural baby eczema cure options as these will provide immediate relief and will not put the baby’s skin at risk of developing further complications. The simplest natural baby eczema cure is to switch them to drinking soy milk rather than their normal cow milk.

Eczema worsens whenever it is exposed to any allergy and small babies are very prone to developing allergies – some of which go unrecognized by the parents. Some doctors even advice adopting a wait and see attitude though there is a good natural baby eczema cure available that should be used in order to ensure the good health of your baby.

Switching them from drinking cow milk to drinking soy milk is the simplest and most effective baby eczema cure. Most babies develop problems with their intestines and for such problems soy milk can provide immediate relief.

There are several other good natural baby eczema cures that are worth checking out. For example, using olive and applying it on dry and scaly patches will help control the disease while using black strap molasses has been found to be very effective as well. Even application of fresh cow milk butter on the patches of eczema has been found to be very effective baby eczema cures. The same is the case when you apply peels of watermelons though you might need to first burn up the dried peel till it turns to ash and then you need to take a spoonful of ash to which a little warmed up coconut oil is added to make a paste after which this paste can be applied to the affected patch of skin for quick relief.

Though there is no one single best eczema cure there are a few options that stand out and these should be tried before opting for any other kind of cure. Natural options score over other types of eczema cures because the former are convenient and safe as well as virtually risk-free.

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