Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nummular Eczema In Children: About Fifteen Percent Of Children Are Affected

Eczema can and will take different forms though each of the different forms will involve formations of skin lesions that are red in color and which are very itchy. Atopic dermatitis is often the worst culprit when it concerns identifying the causes of nummular eczema in children and in fact, it is believed, that approximately fifteen percent of cases of eczema are related to nummular eczema in children. The good news is that as the child grows older the symptoms will fade and even disappear before the child becomes a full adult.

Hereditary Problem

Nummular eczema in children is known to be caused on account of parents having suffered from eczema and the risk to the child of such parents is as high as fifty percent. Unfortunately, the exact reasons why nummular eczema in children occurs have not as yet been established though there is a close link between atopic dermatitis and nummular eczema in children.

Nummular eczema in children can begin (on account of atopic dermatitis) in infants even as early as after the infant has passed his second month in their new life. On the other hand, nummular eczema in children can also begin at a later date and it causes the skin to turn dry and rashes will break out causing a lot of itchiness.

Sometimes nummular eczema in children affects the child’s face and will also cover large areas of their bodies though with the passage of time these signs will gradually disappear and by the time the child becomes a complete adult there could be few if any signs of the disease remaining. Actually, after the child grows a bit older the signs of nummular eczema in children can become more limited and will only occur in places such as the bend in knees and elbows.

Scratching of course worsens the rash and so should be discouraged and in fact, when the child scratches the affected areas it can lead to secondary infections (bacterial) and so children should be discouraged as much as possible from scratching the affected parts. There is as yet no magic cure to treat nummular eczema in children though there are simple measures that can be tried out in order to alleviate the symptoms.

It pays to understand a bit more about nummular eczema and also possible nummular eczema causes because then treatment options can be used that target the possible causes and so helps eliminate a lot of suffering. This disease is really quite a puzzle and so as yet no exact cause has been identified though the condition is known to run in families and occurs on account of a few factors.

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