Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nummular Eczema Cause: The Puzzle Remains Unexplained

Nummular eczema continues to remain a puzzle because till date the precise nummular eczema cause has yet to be established or understood. There are however many different possible nummular eczema causes that are suspected to be the reason why some people suffer from this disease while others do not. These supposed nummular eczema causes can occur singly or in a combination and can then make a person more prone to develop nummular eczema.

Dry Skin

One such possible nummular eczema cause, dry skin that occurs in environments – indoor as well as outdoor - combined with low humidity has for long been suspected as being a possible cause. Another possible nummular eczema cause is use of prescription medicines such as isotretinoin that helps to treat severe cases of acne. Also, certain kinds of infections (largely, bacterial) can be considered as possible nummular eczema causes because these infections induce a hypersensitive reaction in the person’s skin.

There are also certain other nummular eczema causes though these are more closely related to worsening a bout of nummular eczema rather than causing it in the first place. So, wearing clothes made from wool and allowing such clothes to come into direct contact with the skin is a possible nummular eczema cause that will worsen an existing nummular eczema instance. Then there are certain kinds of topical medications as too some detergents and soaps as too frequently bathing that are believed to be other possible nummular eczema causes.

Given the fact that the precise nummular eczema cause is yet to be determined the treatment for the condition is directed mainly at providing relief from the itchiness and burning sensations rather than curing the disease once and for all. The right treatment will obviously depend on what a dermatologist recommends and they in turn need to diagnose the symptoms properly in order to recommend the proper treatment.

You can however try bathing with oil additives as well as regularly apply emollients to keep your skin from turning so dry that nummular eczema is allowed to develop. Tar preparations as well as certain topical anti inflammatory steroid agents too can help prevent this disease.

Nummular eczema in infants is a common problem, especially for children living in the Western world. When such a condition develops the infant will develop an extra dry skin and they will start to feel itchy which in turn makes them more at risk of developing other illnesses including asthma as too allergies and even hay fever.

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